Hello there, I’m Aurelia Alder.

I am a dominant, mildly sadistic woman who enjoys playing with my subjects’ bodies and minds. I make hypnotic and sexy audio recordings designed to take you deep into trance, where you can experience new things and be better trained to fulfill both of our desires.

My hypnotic audios take the form of a lesson plan: each file leads to more, blossoming and overtaking what you were before. As new lessons materialize, the options for growth multiply, magnify, become endless.

Think of me as your instructor, guiding you down to new levels of obedience, submission, and pleasure. Providing a curriculum that can help you explore and grow under my careful tutelage and discipline and allowing you to explore the depths of your service and submission with me. So do go put on one of my files and give it a listen, why don’t you? My work can speak for itself, and I know you’ll come again.



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