Hello there, I’m Aurelia Alder.

I am a dominant, mildly sadistic woman who enjoys playing with my partners and subjects’ bodies and minds. I make hypnotic training recordings and sexy audio for my partners as well as to share with the world. My personal pleasure is expanding your horizons – teaching you to love things you might have previously shied away from, teaching you to feel more and more intense sensations, and teaching you the pleasure of a submissive mind. I relish taking a relatively vanilla sub and guiding and transforming them into an open, receptive student who is so very good at following and learning the things I want to teach and who craves whatever I want them to crave…

I plan to use my files to create a curriculum of sorts…a curriculum that can help you explore and grow in whatever areas you desire. Areas I am interested in exploring include submission training, hands-free orgasm, orgasm control, triggered call and response, mantras, habituation to increased arousal, and the limits of mental bondage and influence.

However, that is just what I already know about. I am hoping the desires and interests of my students will ignite new fires in everyone involved.

For updates on my files, upcoming plans, and other minutae, I treat my Patreon page as a blog.

Contact me,  AureliaAlder at gmail dot com

File Content Note
I am professional. It is my desire to dominate, train, tease, and perhaps even torment you. I believe this can be best achieved from a position of trust. As a member of the kink and SM community, I practice rigorous consent. All of my files will be labeled with precisely what they contain. I do not create files to hypnotize unsuspecting third parties. I believe findom can be practiced ethically, but have neither the time nor the inclination to do so, so you will not be finding that in my files.