An Evening of Pleasure

A relaxing, submissive HFO experience of my pussy milking you to mindless bliss

I’ve invited you home to my place, you sit down in a chair in my basement den. I walk around, slide my hands down and rub your shoulders, command you to remove your pants, guide you over to a bed, climb atop you, hold you in my arms.

Your cock slides inside my pussy and then I sit still, atop you. Only the muscles inside my pussy move, massaging you in rigorous stimulation until you burst within me. You are still, passive, as I use and milk you for our mutual pleasure. Gentle, restful, arousing, a long hands free climax piece suitable for beginners with a great deal of relaxation and deepening through visualization.

A short is available as a free, abridged version of the file. The full file is available as an Extra Credit file at my Patreon.

An Evening of Pleasure: 37:25 Minutes

An Evening of Pleasure Short: 20:30 Minutes

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