An Evening of Sensation

An intense, submissive HFO experience of my pussy milking you and my nails raking your back, driving you mindless with sensation

I’ve invited you home to my place, you sit down in a chair in my basement den. I walk around, slide my hands down and rub your shoulders, command you to remove your pants, guide you over to a bed, climb atop you, hold you in my arms. Your cock slides inside my pussy and then I sit still, atop you. Only the muscles inside my pussy move, massaging you in rigorous stimulation until you burst within me.

My nails run down your back and I dig my fingers into your skin. When I leave marks and touch them all the while, edging your prick inside of my pussy.

You are still, passive, as I use, mark, and milk you for our mutual pleasure, accepting all of the mind-melting sensation I choose to doll out.

The memory of the torment I visit upon you will be tinged with pleasure when you are allowed to come and held in my arms with marks to show for your endurance and your prick being emptied within my warm, wet walls.

There is edging and pleasure mixed with whatever sensations my nails scratch into you working you to a hands free orgasm.

A short is available as a free, abridged version of the file. The full version is available to students at my Patreon.

An Evening of Sensation: 42:41 Minutes

An Evening of Sensation Short: 21:57 Minutes

An Evening of Sensation Short