And You Submit

A training session making going deep and submitting to dominant women automatic for you

Continuing on from You Are Mine, and using the same trigger. A training session about preparing you to be auctioned off for one night to Ladies of my acquaintance. You’ll be returned to me at the end of that time, of course.

Part dominant fantasy, part trigger embedding for use with other dominant ladies you trust with that trigger.

Become a machine for going deep and submitting to dominant women. Become more utterly mine to do with as I please.

Slightly dark themes pervade this piece and its dominance is undeniable.

A short is available as a free, abridged version of the file. The full version is available to students at my Patreon.

And You Submit: 36:47 Minutes

And You Submit Short: 15:05 Minutes

Listen to And You Submit Short