Audiophilia 2: Turn Back

The more aroused you become, the more of my siren voice you hear in your head. The more of my siren voice you hear in your head, the more aroused you become.

A reverse psychology themed piece. I warn you to turn it off, very early on. Voice addiction follows, deliciously laid brick by brick until you are walled in with the echoes of my commands. The over-arching goal is as follows:

So long as it would not interfere with vitally important thoughts or tasks, Ms. Alder’s siren voice will periodically enter my thoughts to subtly tease and titillate me, building an overwhelming desire over time to give in to sexual temptation and desire and listen to Ms. Alder’s voice directly…

The more aroused I become, the more of Ms. Alder’s siren voice I hear in my head.
The more of Ms. Alder’s siren voice I hear in my head, the more aroused I become.

Though at this point the previously woven groundwork of Ms. Alders voice and words are permanent, the siren binding spell is only temporary and fades over time, but builds in effect and may even become permanent with enough repeated listening, so caution is advised…

Consumed by my voice, acknowledging that while your addiction to it is always present, you must do more than drool over the vibration of my intonations. You have to live a life productively and make you, and I, proud. Includes masturbatory encouragement through implication and some wonderful language for HFO fanatics.

Submission will come easily, and reverse psychology is marvelous even when it is transparent. Try turning the recording off after the first few minutes and notice how its tones tantalize and haunt even long after you walk away from where you attempted its beginning.

Its ending will find you eventually, often when you least expect it, and start you back on the cycle once more.

Audiophilia 2 Refresher reinforces the themes and training of the Audiophilia series, for when you periodically need to deepen your training and elevate my voice and influence in your mind but don’t have time for a full re-listening.

Audiophilia 2 Mantra is available as a free sample of some of the themes of the file. The full file is available as an Extra Credit file at my Patreon.

Audiophilia 2: 38:31 Minutes

Audiophilia 2 Refresher: 9:58 Minutes

Audiophilia 2 Mantra: 3:25 Minutes

Listen to Audiophilia 2 Mantra