Audiophilia Induction and Deepener

Bound to the mast, become lost in golden light and the myth of a siren’s call

Fetishize my voice, so even if I’m reciting numbers or reading the phone book you’re still hanging off my every word. Become lost in golden light, the myth of a siren’s call, and the bondage implications of being bound to the mast while I loom over you and whisper my commands in your ear.

This is a combination induction and deepener with a story focus. Place it on your playlist before any other audio file you’d like to drive extra deep into your pliant voice-addicted mind, or listen to it as its own lesson. Script expanded and enhanced from one gifted to me by my associate Elena McIvor over at

This audio is expanded on in Audiophilia РVoice Addiction HFO.

22:09 Minutes