“Begging For It” from Moonlit Hypnosis

In a cursed forest, the fruit inflicts those who eat it with a heat curable only through mating

In a cursed forest where the fruit inflicts those who eat it with a cursed heat curable only through mating, you stumble upon an unfortunate victim. Helping this willing woman is the first thing on your mind… except she hasn’t eaten the fruit. She’s got a secret, and plans to have you eat some before the night is out, then help her with a related breeding problem. (Implies a listener with a penis, helping breed the woman in question)

This is a fantasy audio, a story set in a world populated by anthropomorphic animal creatures created as part of the Moonlit Hypnosis Project which I run alongside Elena McIvor.

This file is available as an Extra Credit file at my Patreon.

43:15 Minutes

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