Calorie Chastity

Chastity and healthy calorie control are hypnotically connected, teaching you to guard your impulses and refrain from senseless indulgence.

Note: Non-chastity students who are otherwise interested in calorie control and healthy eating might also find this file of interest if you would like to disregard the chastity analogy, but be aware that it does mention chastity practice throughout.

Expand your chastity training to another domain: healthy eating. You want to just indulge, you want to eat, you want to consume delicious things, and that is a drive as natural as the drive to masturbate until your penis is utterly spent. But it is a drive that needs to be restrained and tamed, in order for you to be your best self. Unlike me, your hunger doesn’t think about your best interests. At your core is a desire to submit, and have someone else make your choices. I can provide the direction and discipline needed to control your urges.

Through this training, chastity and calorie control will be hypnotically connected, teaching you to count, guard your impulses, and refrain from senseless indulgence. You only succumb to temptation and pleasure when the rules allow. As a well-disciplined chastity pet should.

You will set a calorie goal for each day, based on the healthy process of maintaining or moving toward your ideal, healthy body. You will be trained to come as close to your calorie target as possible each day, using exercise and activity to make up for any slips of control. You will be disciplined and chaste in your eating decisions, under my control under my influence, and you will experience the pleasure of exploring your chastity training in another domain of your life. More chastity is more pleasure and more chances to please me, after all.

A short is available as a free, abridged version of the file. The full version is available to students at my Patreon.

Calorie Chastity: 14:04 Minutes

Calorie Chastity Short: 8:26 Minutes

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