Chaste Control

You will cum only when you are ordered by your designated keyholder, otherwise your cock will just build up waiting throbbing energy

I want you to have the most satisfying chastity experience possible. Sometimes this will mean handing control of your chaste life over to another, a dominant keyholder who will guide you into true bliss and dictate the cumming and going of your libido and desire.

Choose a keyholder, someone who will be able to command you to climax. Only when you are ordered will climax be possible, and at other time your cock will just build up its waiting energy, throbbing with the potential for lustful release but that release will be a thought beyond the ability of your mind to form. Until it is ordered. The order to climax will be enough to set you off. But if the order is to kneel, to lick, to serve in some other capacity, that will feel just as good.

Have someone in mind before listening, and this hypnotic training piece will spend an hour programming your desires to be completely centered around giving your keyholder pleasure, and letting your pleasure and sexual energy be for her purposes. You’ll forget entirely about your ability to climax, but still be aware of every controlled moment until she orders release and you find my training and her will combining to set you off into a sexual reverie with only one possible ending. Climax, release, and sink into a deeper chaste existence after.

A short is available as a free, abridged version of the file. The full file is available as an Extra Credit file at my Patreon.

Chaste Control: 57:47 Minutes

Chaste Control Short: 9:45 Minutes

Listen to Chaste Control Short