Chastity is Relative HFO

What is chastity were just masturbation, time altered through training and trance? Chastity trains your chaste prick into ever greater sensitivity and pleasure

What is chastity were just masturbation, time altered through training and trance? Your chaste prick is always moving closer to orgasm, lust builds up and reminds you what you desire. You wish to surrender. This wish is granted whenever you need orgasm badly enough to speed up your timeline.

Your prick is never truly isolated. It is stimulated even in chastity. As it rubs against clothing, devices, it will grow and shrink naturally many times even as you sleep. You are always masturbating very slowly, and even at your most obedient the pleasure will eventually overwhelm your reason.

You could try to prove me wrong, by just never having another orgasm, but that would be a surrender anyway, and not nearly as fun.

If you agree, the layers and hands free orgasm encouragement in this audio accompany explicit permission to climax if you must. Your chaste prick is so sensitive now, direct masturbation might be too much for it to stand for long.

This is an HFO file, and it is also training. Training your chaste prick into ever greater sensitivity, training your chaste mind to even more deeply fetishize your chaste experience. The resulting programming is open, so it is not just for me, but for your chaste improvement under anyone you serve.

Versions of this file include the plain audio, audio with layers, with binaural beats, and with both layers and binaural beats. Make sure you use headphones when listening with layers or binaural beats.

A short is available as a free, abridged version of the file. The full file is available as an Extra Credit file at my Patreon.

Chastity is Relative HFO: 34:36 Minutes

Chastity is Relative HFO Short: 16:43 Minutes

Listen to Chastity is Relative HFO Short (Layers Version)