Chastity Lesson One

A hands-on, mindful introduction to chastity play and training

Welcome to this first lesson of my chastity course, providing a “hands-on” mindful introductory experience of chastity play and training. This lesson requires two weeks of dedication. Hypnotic audio recordings are the core of this lesson. They are assigned to be listened to on successive days, accompanied by specific exercises and assignments all exploring the mental and physical experience of chastity.

This lesson has three distinct tracks, making it appropriate for learners of varying levels of experience with chastity. Read through the requirements for each of the tracks as they are explained in this lesson and select the track best suited to you. You can also of course complete a beginner track now, and at a later date attempt to complete a more advanced track. The basic track demands two one-week stretches of chastity. The intermediate track, one two-week stretch of chastity. The advanced track maintains complete chastity through the two week period, allowing you to maintain chastity through whatever length of time you desire following this lesson.

“What if I am in a relationship in which chastity is not an option?”
I always encourage being open about your sexual interests and explorations in your relationships wherever possible. That is not always an option, and some people are in relationships with a partner who simply isn’t interested in sharing in chastity play. If this is your situation, you can practice chastity for this lesson by refraining from orgasm except where required to in the context of that relationship.

“What happens if I orgasm during this lesson when I am not supposed to?”
That’s easy – you must be in need of more training, mustn’t you? Simply start again from the beginning.

Files in this Lesson