Complimentary Colours

On maintaining a balance between hypnotic control, everyday dominance, and loving romance with different partners

Many of my students have informed me of their desire to explore dominance with more than one person. More than my recordings, they also experience dominance in their everyday lives. Others have expressed concern about their vanilla romantic or loving relationships: their balance and safety. I desire all of my listeners to have a complete experience of life, lust, and love. A bit of hypnotic conditioning on this point can only help. Deep mind-melting relaxation followed by the assignment of different “colours” to each of three elements: hypnotic control, everyday dominance, and loving stable vanilla romance.

Combined, these colours make a cohesive and brilliant whole that will carry you deeper into trance secure in the fact that I will only enhance those relationships. I desire your complete attention and devotion: which means we need the complete you. Consistent with audios from other sources, consistent with regular real-life dominance sessions.

Go out, have fun, feel reassured, relaxed, and secure in the knowledge I will still be here when you return from your adventures with other equally important sources of pleasure and fulfillment.

41:52 Minutes

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