Constantly Consumed

Cum eating is your submissive, worshipful devotion of your pleasure to me

A file to encourage a cum eating routine as a regular devotion. Each day the urge rises, and if you’re masturbating anyway then you will fall into familiar patterns. But I have provided an alternative path within the recording for those of you bound into chastity. A temptation, a dare, a challenge.

Maybe you could resist the urge to eat your own cum and let your brain mellow into submissive silence in response, but you would have to avoid climax altogether.

Doing that is its own kind of devotion.

Uses reverse psychology themes, and while it is intended to allow for chaste listeners to preserve their chastity, that will seldom be the case.

Explore the dichotomy, the choice, the ways of dealing with your own submissive need.

You can choose to cum, consume, and be consumed.

Or you can choose to contain, confine, and chastely control your cock and instead end up dreaming of the moment when climaxing would make you a cum-eating subservient puppet of desire.

However, unless you wait forever, the one will eventually turn into the other.

That is when you’ll be most completely mine. Perhaps it will come every day, or maybe you will delay it and get a more powerful dose of subservient joy when you lap up your own cum as a devotion to me.

30:59 Minutes