Deep Down

DEEP trance for true fans of altered states of consciousness

A series of mind-blowing inductions, hitting you one after another, all designed to take you deeper than you have ever been before.

This 60+ minute DEEP trance is for true fans of altered states of consciousness. I take your mind down through a series of classic inductions, beginning with a covert trance: simple conversational hypnosis. Then, through a series of nested countdown, progressive relaxation, fixation, visualization, direct induction, fractionation, and confusion inductions, I proceed to drop you deeper…and deeper…and deeper…into ever increasing relaxation, control, and peaceful, euphoric, mind-emptying bliss.

Dominance, arousal, and suggestions of just what my voice can do flow throughout, so that by the time you are done, you should be very, very deeply conditioned to trance deeply, obediently, and euphorically for me.

The open-ended audio allows you to drift back to the waking world, or follow it up with yet another file to take advantage of your uniquely vulnerable, receptive, and blissed-out state.

Ensure sure you are laying down while listening, and enjoy. I promise you have never heard anything like this before.

This file is available as an Extra Credit file at my Patreon.

1:02:27 Minutes

Listen to a Sample