Dungeon Deepener

A dominant deepener setting the scene of your trance in my dungeon

The dungeon location deepener sets out my vision of a consensual, understanding, rules bound dungeon where I have as little choice in the matter as you – or just as much. We have made an agreement, we have locked in, but I will take care of you and check that you are alright between cracks of the whip and potent commands. I am as aroused as you are, and in this place we can both just surrender to how little choice there really is in what you love, what you crave, what you seek, and how you surrender. Place in a playlist between an induction and a body file.

This file is a part of the Location, Mode, and Mood Pack.

The full pack, including this audio, is available to students at my Patreon.

Dungeon Deepener: 9:26 Minutes