Echoes From Below

A cock ring hand job torment session under my amused control

This comes in two parts. The first is a CBT themed induction and deepener for when you want a little touch of masochistic glee in your sinking process. The second is a detailed reminder of physical sensations and even suggested actions devoted to tormenting your cock in a safe, professional, but nonetheless memorable way…

The two bounce back and forth – similar but slightly shifted wordings, implications that pick up in one but end in the other, and so on. The goal is to give the echo of the greater deeper more intense file, even when you are only using the deepener and induction.

A file you have listened to before, being anchored to a file you are listening to now. Only the surface echo is needed to evoke the deeper anchor.

This body file is a cock ring themed torment session which also introduces an enticing cart full of relevant instruments. Hand job stimulation coupled with assistive tools and a reminder to return to this state when listening to Ripples On The Surface.

32:26 Minutes