Good Boy 5

I weave matrices of control and desire into that little phrase you so long to hear…

The fifth and final installment in the Good Boy series is darker and more restrictive. You will truly crave the phrase, and you will hear it less often throughout your training from here on out. You will have the drive to truly earn it. This recording is optional, though its inclusion in your training will surely add to the feeling of instruction and control laying over you. Include it only if you want a feeling of true craving and addiction to the little rewards that come with being good for me.

Includes rapid wording, fractionation, finger snaps, and repeated instructions alongside the overall matrix of control and desire I weave into that little phrase. Knowing you are my good boy enhances and improves, adds and mends, creates and forges a new you.

A short is available as a free, abridged version of the file. The full version is available to students at my Patreon.

Good Boy 5: 43:31 Minutes

Good Boy 5 Short: 14:04 Minutes

Listen to Good Boy 5 Short