Confusion, amnesia, you lost and mindfucked in a twisting maze of my words

Get lost in my voice. Uses fractionation, visualization, resistance, and confusion methods to take the listener as deep as possible. Amnesia, waking trances, extended time under trance, passivity. A long journey within oneself and into aroused submission. And this is just an induction and deepener, albeit the longest one I have made and the most arousing. This is just a prelude. It is open-ended. Follow it with something else to make the training particularly deep, or loop it to spiral your mind deeper and deeper into confusion and control. The piece uses panning and a somewhat dynamic sound positioning which will benefit from left and right channel sound. This could be as simple as headphones, or as complex as some kind of special listening chamber with positional surround sound; I will not judge. The words themselves are the maze. Inspired in part by House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski. Special thanks to Elena McIvor who advised me in making a trance to mindfuck you as deeply as possible.

39:58 Minutes