Location, Mode, and Mood Pack

Make your trance a more complete experience with inductions and deepeners enhancing the moment at hand

All of the various components in this pack can be used in playlists to create a more complete experience. Perhaps you will use the induction which most suits your mood, or the one best suited to the audio file at hand?

Choosing a time, a place, and a role for yourself can also help focus your brain wonderfully.

Mingling these components in the right way can take a trance experience from merely soothing to fully transcendent.

Transcend with me, and lose yourself for a time in just the right place and mood and mode.

Listen well.

The Playful, Kind, and Strict Inductions are available for free. The full pack is available to students at my Patreon.

Playful Induction: 10:49 Minutes

Kind Induction: 11:58 Minutes

Strict Induction: 10:57 Minutes

Bedroom Deepener: 8:49 Minutes

Office Deepener: 7:06 Minutes

Dungeon Deepener: 9:26 Minutes

Toy Mode: 3:21 Minutes

Student Mode: 3:38 Minutes

Automaton Mode: 3:08 Minutes