Obedience Practicum

This lesson will train you in obedience, refining your natural obedience to dominant women into a reflex

Obedience. Dutiful, prompt, and submissive compliance; in simple parlance, you do as I command. This five day course is an exploration of submissive obedience, to me and other dominants, through assignments, exercises, and my erotic hypnosis audios.

Obedience differs from Submission, but is complementary to it. You may wish to also seek out the Submission practicum to complete either before or after this course.

Obedience is the basic element of the dominant-submissive relationship. Your obedience is the conduit of my control. Your submissive instincts make you naturally obedient. The act of obedience makes you more submissive. Through training and reinforcement, we can refine those instincts for obedience and can enhance your instinctive submission with obedience practice. We can make your obedience more instinctive, and more pleasurable. You already enjoy a thrill of pleasure at the knowledge that you are obeying me. Imagine magnifying and amplifying that pleasure. Obeying without pausing or thinking, perhaps without even being aware that you are doing so.

This saves us both time. It saves you the unnecessary effort of thinking or making decisions for yourself, so you can better enjoy the bliss of going with my flow and following my instructions immediately. It saves me the effort of firming up your obedience each time by helping it have an existence of its own in your sexual and everyday life.

Obedience means exploring new sensations when directed, because you know I will always set you on the path to new knowledge. It means attending to my desires for you before your own desires. This includes my desire for you to be safe and take care of yourself. Any time any of my – or anyone’s – commands don’t align with your well-being, physical or mental, it is your responsibility to instead obey the foremost command: take care of yourself. This requires self-knowledge and an awareness and monitoring of your own internal state. Stretch and explore your comfort zones under my direction, but never put yourself beyond your boundaries.

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