Prepare Your Prick

Listen while using a penis pump or fleshlight-style toy, and gain a compulsion to pump and feel larger, hornier, and more virile

This audio is specially created for those who enjoy penis pumps or fleshlight-style toys. Something to surround your penis and make it feel large, like it is pushing against the walls of something or else being pulled in. This experience is a hypnotic anchor for a compulsion to pump and feel larger and larger. This training also incorporates encouragement toward more satisfying climax, thinking of my voice and becoming more addicted to the nourishment and enhancement of your libido. This is a long induction which you can turn directly into a masturbation session after, or an edging session if you prefer chastity.

This lesson prepares you to use your orgasm as a springboard, for further training or audios, for further hypnotic deepness, and for deeper obedience and pleasure. The preparation here also extends to post hypnotic suggestions, so be prepared.

20:10 Minutes