Putting You In Your Place

Training you for blissful service between a woman’s legs. When you are triggered, you sink and submit and serve a dominant woman’s pleasure

A training file and a sexual fantasy of hypnotic control rolled into one. In this audio narrative, you awaken slowly to find something is happening, but you don’t know what yet.

The feeling of soft feminine skin against yours, breasts pressed to your back, a voice breathing and whispering in your ear…

And then you are taught something, taught a signal. When her hand is on the back of your neck, when MY hand is on the back of your neck, when a dominant woman signals where you should go, namely between her legs… you will follow the routine that has been trained into your brain. You will sink and you will serve and you will become the pussy worshiping submissive you are made to be, dedicated only to giving her the pleasure she deserves.

This audio plays heavily on the idea of ‘routine’, and it should be listened to every day for at least a week, in the morning. Find time, lick and lap away your own mind and any lingering trace of doubt about the gorgeous world of habituated service waiting right around the corner, and between a dominant woman’s legs. It feels so good, you crave to be where you belong.

Putting You in Your Place Mantra fills up your empty mind with the pleasures of blankly serving between a woman’s legs. It can be used as a stand-alone piece, when you have less time for training. It also works well played on a loop, perhaps even listened to from between a pair of thighs.

Putting You In Your Place Mantra is available free. The full file is available as an Extra Credit file at my Patreon.

Putting You In Your Place: 26:00 Minutes

Putting You In Your Place Mantra: 5:01 Minutes

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