Sensual Touch

A sexual, soothing massage moving my hands all over your controlled, relaxed body…

A deep soothing and sensual massage, sometimes tantalizing, sometimes directly sensual, sometimes licking and sucking and controlling your relaxing-yet-arousing descent under my control. Let me do my best on you for a while, I’m sure we’d both enjoy it.

26 audio clips, some erotic, some simply soothing, all made to chain flawlessly whether on randomized shuffle or repeat. Create a playlist of your choosing or allow them all to cycle for a randomized experience.

File includes:

8 erotic massage clips

9 non-erotic massage clips from The Touch 1

9 non-erotic massage clips from The Touch 2

A short is available as a free, abridged version of the file. The full file is available as an Extra Credit file at my Patreon.