Submission Practicum

This lesson will train you in submission, making it your natural state of mind where dominant women are concerned

Submission is the subjective part of your role in my ideal hypnotic scenario.

It is the way you feel, instead of the way you act.

Your actions may flow from this internal feeling of well being and euphoria brought on by what many will term ‘sub-space’, a kind of thought process born from your enjoyment of another’s control.

Trust, nourishment of self, and meditative or hypnotic peace all mingle together in your mind. This mixture becomes the motivation for transformative change and for dominant lessons to land home within your mind. Submission is the subjective portion, Obedience is the objective portion, and both together place you in the state I would consider ideal for you to be my hypnotic canvas. A student should be both obedient and submissive.

One can flow from the other, and neither is necessarily the start of the cycle. You likely have some of each already. When I visualize what arouses me and gives me the most fulfillment during the process of hypnotic training, it is to visualize the day you will be both fully submissive and fully obedient.

This lesson will train you in submission, the mental state and cultivation of systems to make submission your natural state of mind where my voice and will are concerned.

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