The Hour At Hand – CBT

A long tormenting pleasuring squeezing pinching training session aimed at your shaft

This is an hour long cock and ball torture themed piece for students with penises that would like a little slapping, restraint, and tender handed massage in between. Some of the best work I’ve put out so far in that area, coupled with things I’ve never tried before in an online audio piece. Laid out on a padded bed, slowly brought under, and then subjected to a coupled pleasure and pain that will grow into an ever more intense yearning for future cock and ball centered torment.

This is a complete session with induction and training, but ending on the choice to wake or remain down, a simple count and finger snap with no further instructions. Chain it in a playlist if you wish, but lend me at least an hour of your time and you will not be disappointed.

Slapping, the application of a cock ring (don one beforehand or keep it nearby if you wish, though I believe my words to be sufficient), and a thorough pleasuring in between to give you a contrast between torment and bliss. Listen well, learn how much I enjoy doing this to you, and then associate every future countdown with a long tormenting squeezing pinching training session aimed at your shaft.

59:55 Minutes