The Hour At Hand – Foot Worship

Find a new appreciation for women’s feet as you worship and I train your controlled mind

An hour long session of foot worship and mind control. The induction uses a nested metaphor: you are tuning in to my voice and my signal, which is always beaming out. Once you pay attention to it, you can always hear my overtures to your subconscious mind.

This is a complete session from start to finish, audio that will leave you relaxed and trained when it concludes.

The worship is detailed, lengthy. You will desire to return. Find a new appreciation for women’s feet, for the dynamics of submissive worship, and for my delicate control. The audio speaks for itself, so I need say no more: you will be trained, the desire will remain, you will return.

Not a warning. Just a promise.

The full version is available to students at my Patreon.

1:00:37 Minutes

Listen to a Sample