Worship All Over JOI

You will cum for me, you will relax into obedience and worship of my perfect form

Worship Induction

A long form induction about body worship. No matter where on my body you are performing the tactile function of worship, you are part of a larger pleasure system. Install this at the beginning of your worship themed playlist to frame your mind and body in the right way. This audio encourages movement and a level of freedom to kneel which might be best suited to advanced hypnotic subjects who are comfortable remaining in trance while moving or have good visualization skills.

Worship All Over JOI

I lay back, resting on a couch. You watch, seated, until the moment I invite you closer. But you don’t walk, you kneel. Crawling closer, your hands already pumping between your legs. Lean your face up on the edge of the couch, kiss my body, explore it, create an image of it in your mind.

You will cum for me, you will relax into obedience and true understanding of the concept of worship. From now on every masturbatory experience will conjure the images of my breasts, my sex, my ass, my lips, my mind and body overtaking yours.

To help inspire your imagination, I’ve included a photo.