Worship All Over JOI

Explore and kiss my body until you can’t do anything but cum to show me the depth of your worship

I lay back, resting on a couch. You watch, seated, until the moment I invite you closer. But you don’t walk, you kneel. Crawling closer, your hands already pumping between your legs. Lean your face up on the edge of the couch, kiss my body, explore it, create an image of it in your mind.

You will cum for me, you will relax into obedience and true understanding of the concept of worship. From now on every masturbatory experience will conjure the images of my breasts, my sex, my ass, my lips, my mind and body overtaking yours.

To help inspire your imagination, I’ve included a photo.

Worship All Over JOI Advanced

Want more, crave something deeper? Worship All Over JOI Advanced is a different experience with an extended take on these themes (these files have no overlapping content). The file includes the other 9 photos from this shoot I took of myself and is available as an Extra Credit file at my Patreon.

Regular 12:13 Minutes

Advanced 35:05 Minutes

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