My training is divided into different series of lessons for you to follow. Early courses in a series will introduce you to a topic or skillset and later series in a file will grow more intense, utilize the skills you have begun to develop, and train you ever deeper. The series listed on this page are good places for a beginner to start. Some of them also play a role in my introductory curricula, Basic Braining 1 and Basic Braining 2.

Beginner Series


An introductory series which establishes some basic recurring language and triggers and introduces you to blissfully sinking for my voice.


Trains you to the lightest possible sadism, enhancing your senses so that even the lightest scratch down your back can be an intense experience. You will learn the pleasure of submitting to new heights of sensation under my gentle tutelage.


Restraint and discipline can be important skills for any good boy to learn. Open ended chastity training that allows you to choose the duration of your restraint. Trains you to save up to experience an even greater level of pleasure when you finally earn your reward.

Good Boy

Trains you that obedience brings pleasure, and pleasure makes you ever more obedient to me. Introduces you to the good boy trigger and deepens it into an arousing, trance-deepening, ecstatic reward. Also provides basic hands free orgasm training.

Above You

Learn about your proper place in the order of things: worshipfully beneath me. Explore the intimacy of sinking down and being my protected, sweetly submissive boy.