Custom Recordings old

Would you like to further your training, your desires, and your submissive connection to me? Do you have a particularly enticing fantasy you would like me to help you experience? I can create an erotic, hypnotic audio file from scratch specifically catered to you. If you are unsure what the best style and content of file would be to help you best submit to my training and fulfill your desires, that is perfectly acceptable. We will discuss your interests, experience, and what you are hoping to get from the file, and I will craft a piece to best suit your needs. Various custom and personalized file options are described at the Patreon page.

You set the script, or let my imagination run wild with a simple prompt. Ask for an expansion on an existing series, or something wholly your own. The resulting file must be suitable for release to the general public. If you wish, the file can include layering, binaural beats, and/or music.

Personalized file

A file specially made just for you. I can include your name, identifying details, whatever you want to best take you deep and let my voice sink deeply into your mind. If you wish, the file can include layering, binaural beats, and/or music.

I do my best to accommodate all requests. However, I strongly encourage you to contact me before pledging for a custom or personalized file to discuss your interests with me to ensure that we are a good fit. I reserve the right to not make content I am uncomfortable making; if in doubt, please contact me.

You will receive your file within 15 days of receipt of payment. Payment is received at the beginning of the following month, when Patreon charges your card.

I retain the right to reuse and release concepts or all material from custom and personalized recordings for the general public. All personal or identifying information will of course be removed.