September 27, 2016

Foot Temple HFO

You are taken down and controlled by my feet then put through a LONG (1 hr 15 minutes) and detailed sensitivity torment session where my feet bring you to heel and then leave you breathless. I melt your mind in waves of confusion, fractionation, and a vivid hands-free orgasm delivered by my feet, voice, and will. Waves of pleasure will push you to overstimulation and forced HFO at my hands…or rather, my feet.

This file will program you with a foot fetish and a love of worshiping my feet in particular as I anchor searing pleasure to images of my feet. Stare at the included images of my feet, internalize them, then lay back and prepare your mind for me to take it. Additional images of my feet for your worship are available in the Student drive through my Patreon.


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