Welcome! It can be daunting to decide for yourself where to begin. After all, your desire to submit means you are here listening to me in the first place.

I desire structure; I desire rules to be imprinted into your mind so you can reap the rewards of discipline. Specifically I wish you to feel comfortable progressing in your training.

A good place to start is with my introductory curricula, the Basic Braining Lesson Series. This series will accustom you to my style and voice. It will get you used to trancing deep for me, and give you a taste of some of the pleasures that come with submission to my word and will.

Beyond that, explore my library, check out my recommended playlists, and make your own curriculum. Ask me for guidance if ever you are unable to decide what you might enjoy. I will provide all of the help I can, even outside of ordinary lessons.

Good boy. Time to get learning.