Lesson Plans

A Better Servant: Self Improvement Training

Making you better and better. Improving your life under my control for our mutual benefit and pleasure.

Obedience Practicum

This lesson will train you in obedience, refining your natural obedience to dominant women into a reflex

Submission Practicum

This lesson will train you in submission, making it your natural state of mind where dominant women are concerned

Chastity Lesson One

A hands-on, mindful introduction to chastity play and training

Perfect Masochist Lesson One

The first piece of my curriculum exploring sensation, its qualities, and the submissive aesthetic of offering yourself to the ministrations of another

Basic Braining Lesson Three

The final piece of my introductory curriculum. Deepen your trance, deepen your learning, deepen your devotion to me.

Basic Braining Lesson Two

Lesson instructions for fundamental trance technique

Basic Braining Lesson One

An introduction to my voice and my expectations