Release Order

The Kiss

All lips arouse you, they remind you of the gateway from mind into reality, from thought into hypnotic instruction...

Cum and Clean Up HFO

Fucking me for our mutual pleasure, then needing to clean your mess, to worship my pussy with your tongue and give me more pleasure even after you are spent

Hypnotic Hunger – Arousing Void

This file describes, creates, and builds an empty void inside you, that is only filled by dominant hypnosis

Worship My Feet Call and Response

Ingrain my words and your submissive love of my feet

Chastity is Relative HFO

What is chastity were just masturbation, time altered through training and trance? Chastity trains your chaste prick into ever greater sensitivity and pleasure

Scratches 1

My nails running down your back, sensitizing you to my touch and influence

Breaking You Open

If I break open and rebuild your mind, your new walls will be so much more permeable to my words and control

Respectful Conduct – Kneeling

Kneeling is the default position you should assume for me, a submissive, reverent pose beneath me, ready to serve

Welcome 1

An introduction to my voice and my expectations

Silk Submission HFO

The sight of a silk-covered pussy makes you salivate, makes you kneel, makes you long to deliver oral pleasure. Serving on your knees will make you come.

Bound Down HFO

Cum from the muscular energy of your body struggling against bondage and bindings placed on your hypnotized body and mind by my words

Keep Stroking

Loopable lightly sadistic encouragement to keep touching in a post orgasmic stupor with your prick too sensitive to reliably touch

Bedspace Headspace

A file to recontextualize your time spent asleep, to help you see how it is laced through with my intention and control

Tea Time

You become my cup of tea, and when I drink your thoughts you grow more blank. When I fill you with new thoughts they are of obedience and arousal.

Wake From Sleep

Wake up to my control and your obedient submission, as the very best version of yourself

Lucid Dreaming: The Choice to Surrender and Lucid Dreaming Call and Response

Take control of your dreams, so you have more control to hand over to me. Further submission, to your subconscious' most splendid vision of my dominant control over you.

Deep and Open Trance Trigger

Creating a trigger for deep, suggestible, obedient trance that you can share with a trusted person to use it for your mutual enjoyment

Serving My Ass

Jerk off and worship my ass as I press it down into your face, as I use you as a masturbatory tool for my own pleasure

Calorie Chastity

Chastity and healthy calorie control are hypnotically connected, teaching you to guard your impulses and refrain from senseless indulgence.

An Evening of Sensation

An intense, submissive HFO experience of my pussy milking you and my nails raking your back, driving you mindless with sensation

An Evening of Pleasure

A relaxing, submissive HFO experience of my pussy milking you to mindless bliss

Trained by My Voice Call and Response

Slip into mindless, rote, repetitive training and reinforce your focus on my words, your pleasure from my voice, and your obsession with my training

My Lips: Call and Response Induction

My soft, red lips, and the glowing golden words that flow from them, are so entrancing, preparing you to listen, and repeat the words I give you.

Teasing Your Cock and Rattling Your Cage

Edge, but don’t come…as I tease, pleasure, arouse, and control you in so many different ways…for our mutual enjoyment

Self Improvement Core

I can help you find the motivation and energy to better yourself, for your sake and my own

Prepare Your Prick

Listen while using a penis pump or fleshlight-style toy, and gain a compulsion to pump and feel larger, hornier, and more virile

Follow the Thread: Making Plans

A meditation on becoming more comfortable and skillful with using plans to guide your time and energy

Primed for Action

Training you to better respond to trance triggers and anchors in your daily life that provide opportunities for you to live out your training

Loopable Finger Snap Training

This piece trains you to eagerly, automatically sink with the *snap* of my fingers and my words encouraging hypnotic depth

Chastity Check-Up

I will briefly unlock you and then do a thoroughly check-up on your arousal. You will be checked out, turned on, edged, and then returned to your hypnotic chastity cage.

Locking Up Your Cock

First I take my time bringing you to an explosive, sensual orgasm, then I lock a hypnotic chastity device on your soft cock. You get to feel my influence, and the constant presence of my cage, in everything you do.

Chastity Affirmation Pack

Affirmations to fill your mind and train you into a deeper chastity pet

Chaste Life Set

 An induction, an awakener, and two deepeners to complement chastity training

Wound Up Induction

A confident, active, energetic induction

Deep Training Induction

Using the instruments of your mind as my tools in designing and fashioning a new, more pleasing, you

Salving Your Core

Reducing your fatigue at the end of the day, or after an intense or draining experience that has sapped your reserves of energy

Hypnotic Customer Support

You call in to a hypnotic customer support line, asking for help to trance more deeply. At first you just get a recording, but then I cut in and help you more directly

Cock Growth HFO and Grow and Shrink Trigger Pack

Utilizes your cock growth trigger from Stretch and Shrink to use your expanding, ever more sensitive cock to bring you to HFO. Growing makes you feel virile, confident, and ever more cock-focused

Feminine Transformation and Mantra

If you have an interest in being a bit more feminine, in exploring the softer side, in understanding me more completely, this file is for you. Eventually you will be my good girl, my submissive, feminized pet. 

Permitted Release

A jerk off audio, for the times when a chastity pet needs maintenance or has earned a temporary loosening of the bonds

Pressure Over Time

 The longer you wait between orgasms, the bigger and harder your cock will get, the more intense your sensitivity, the more mind-wiping your orgasms

Satin Seduction

Bound body and mind, pleasuring my pussy with your mouth, accepting the impactful sensation I enjoy doling out

Chastity 2: Caged Energy

It feels so good to store up your chaste energy to be spent on better shaping you into a submissive pet

Ridden Hard 2

You are your pleasure and arousal, your cock, and your cock is in me, controlled by me, used by me for my pleasure and your training

Constantly Consumed

Cum eating is your submissive, worshipful devotion of your pleasure to me

Teaching Your Cock Induction

I work with your urges, your rigidness, to overtake your mind and drag it down into mindless, controlled bliss

Putting You In Your Place

Training you for blissful service between a woman's legs. When you are triggered, you sink and submit and serve a dominant woman's pleasure 


You are a tool in my exploration of hypnotic space... but you have your own freedom to be an even better student than I expect

Student Mode

A self care-focused deepener establishing your role as my student

Automaton Mode

An induction or deepener establishing your role as my obedient, mindless puppet

Toy Mode

A mischievous confusion induction or deepener establishing your role as my toy

Dungeon Deepener

A dominant deepener setting the scene of your trance in my dungeon

Office Deepener

A caring relaxation deepener setting the scene of your trance in my office

Location, Mode, and Mood Pack

Make your trance a more complete experience with inductions and deepeners enhancing the moment at hand

Bedroom Deepener

A playful fractionation and confusion deepener setting the scene of your trance in my bedroom

Audiophilia 2: Turn Back

The more aroused you become, the more of my siren voice you hear in your head. The more of my siren voice you hear in your head, the more aroused you become.

Surrender to My Feet HFO

You belong at my feet, you long to worship my feet, cum for them, and lose yourself to your fetish desire

Surrender to Sensation JOI

My voice in your mind, enhancing your pleasure when there are no thoughts in the way, making you grow aroused beyond your ability to stand it

Sucked Away

Your lips wrapped around my strap-on, and the act of worshiping with your tongue and lips and the cock you are pumping with your hands below steals away every thought

Clockwork Cock

Trained to be hard and hot, mindlessly, blissfully wielding your cock for the pleasure of others, pushing pleasure into your own blank mind at the same time


A deeper understanding of obedience in trance

Feel the Burn HFO

Placed over my knee, lovingly subjected to orgasmic words and slaps as a spanking brings you to orgasm

Chaste Control

You will cum only when you are ordered by your designated keyholder, otherwise your cock will just build up waiting throbbing energy

Masochism Mantra

Pain is pleasure. Pain is submission. Hypnotized little pain toy.

Chaste Offering

You can only cum when so commanded by my voice, a serious dedication and an offering of your sexual control and climax ability at the altar of my training

Improvement to Arousal – Proper Learning Induction and Deepener

Advance with my words in mind, and your arousal ever increasing as you optimize your body and mind

Sensual Touch

A sexual, soothing massage moving my hands all over your controlled, relaxed body…

The Touch 2

A deep, tantalizing massage moving my hands all over your relaxed body…

Stretch and Shrink

Triggers to grow and shrink your cock, entrusting your cock's controls to someone else's whim and will

Chastity Lesson One

A hands-on, mindful introduction to chastity play and training

Worship Induction

Worship of my form sends you deep into blissful, submissive trance

The Touch 1

A deep, soothing massage moving my hands all over your relaxed body…

Audiophilia – Voice Addiction HFO

My words flood the space between your ears and between your legs with climax-laden torment

Audiophilia Induction and Deepener

Bound to the mast, become lost in golden light and the myth of a siren's call

Kind Induction

A progressive relaxation induction helping you let go and rest in my embrace

Playful Induction

A mischievous fractionation and confusion induction dropping your fatigued mind into my grasp

Strict Induction

A fixation and command induction bringing you under my control

Freezing and Teasing

Frozen in place, rigid and erect, as I caress and enjoy your form

Boots 1: Step Down

Kneel at my feet, under my heel. Worship and lose your mind to the dark, shiny surface of my boots.

Queening HFO

Lick and worship me as I sit astride your face, riding you for my pleasure.

Wrung Out Chastity HFO and JOI

Pleasure trains you into my grasp, into the companionship my dominance gives you, and eventually into obedient control

Breaking the Streak Induction

Eventually you’re going to want to get off, after a long period of chastity. I will not just let you cum, I will make you cum.

Button Pushing

Your hole will be mine in its entirety, fucked at my command as your hands are tugged on my puppet strings

No Escape

I tug the puppet strings, lock and chain you with my control, bind you into restraint and orgasmic bliss

Soft as a Cloud Mantra

Every loud thought dispelled under my spell, the pendulum swing and spin of spiral control...

Constant Cum Production Curse

Your chaste, virile aching hardness can't help but constantly drip out its arousal

Worship All Over JOI

An introduction to my voice and my expectations

Chastity Meditation and Preparation

Progressively more powerful hypnotic chastity suggestion: difficult to release your desires, but impossible to avoid wanting climax

Admit It

Your cock and mind captured underfoot as your ceaseless need forces you to admit what you are

Perfect Masochist Lesson One

The first piece of my curriculum exploring sensation, its qualities, and the submissive aesthetic of offering yourself to the ministrations of another

Salving the Wounds – Masochism Aftercare

The best submissives know their limits, attend to them, and take time to restore and recuperate

Simply Suction – Blowjob HFO

Sucking your thoughts out through your spurting penis as I explore and entrain you to my methods and style delivering oral pleasure

Refined Submission

To be a better servant, a better tool in my designs, you should focus on self enhancement every step of the way

Basic Braining Lesson Three

The final piece of my introductory curriculum. Deepen your trance, deepen your learning, deepen your devotion to me.

Graduation from Basic Braining

Offer up your fullest obedience until nothing is left but shivering orgasmic collapse under my rule

Submit to Women

Your brain is washed clean of any resistance to dominant femininity

Kneel and Obey

You know your place is at my feet, sinking and obeying

Aura 3 – Induction and Deepener

A powerful amnesia piece inducing deep rest and total open vulnerability to my words

Mantra Pack – Advanced

Let my words drip and drop down on your head, making it heavy, making you drop and slip down into deep sweet controlled sleep…

Mantra Pack – Basic

Let my words drip and drop down on your head, making it heavy, making you drop and slip down into deep sweet controlled sleep…

Settling In

Imagine my office, you laying on a couch, I comfortably seated and watching you as a metronome ticks away your mind

Welcome 5

Step fully into my dominant grasp, and surrender utterly to my instruction

Scratches 5

You will cement the qualities of a good masochistic toy for a proper sadistic top

Scratches 4

My nails raking across your back, now deeper and with more tools of the sadist’s trade employed

Scratches – Deep End Induction

Each scratch will uncover you, make you ready, make you want more than just my nails

Hump For Me

When you hear the trigger, your mindless animalistic movements will be submission incarnate

Bondage Jerk Off Instructions

Dominant masturbation instructions focusing on the restraint, restriction, and control of your body

Aura 2: Light Along The Lines

Your body is a spool, I wind thread and thought and color and word around it

“You Are My Toy” Deepener

Learn the pleasure of being my empty-brained little toy, there for me to enjoy

Perfection in Chastity

Enhance your existence as my perfect chastity toy to improve and play with

“Snow Spirit” from Moonlit Hypnosis

Lost in a sentient storm which brainwashes its victims...rescued by a busty fox woman who provides safety between her breasts

“After Hours” from Moonlit Hypnosis

Caught masturbating by your busty fox woman boss, who has her own form of "punishment" planned

“Begging For It” from Moonlit Hypnosis

In a cursed forest, the fruit inflicts those who eat it with a heat curable only through mating

Good Boy 5

I weave matrices of control and desire into that little phrase you so long to hear...

Masturbation Companion

Turn any file into an HFO with my words masturbating you to climax

Basic Braining Lesson Two

Lesson instructions for fundamental trance technique

Good Boy 4

Enmeshing your deep addiction to and desire for my trigger

Welcome 4 – Action

Surrender to my voice and find yourself springing to move, kneel, follow, at a snap of my fingers

Sucking You Empty 3

A blowjob evoking the cold outside and the warmth within as your thoughts spurting out brings you closer to me

Aftercare 2

Replenish your mental and physical energy to make you a healthier person and better submissive

Welcome 3 – Attendance

Conditioning you to better receive my words and sink more deeply into pleasured trance

And You Submit

A training session making going deep and submitting to dominant women automatic for you

Sucking You Empty 2

Red-painted lips capture your cock, suck out your mind, leave you reeling and breathless

You Are Mine

A strong dominant trigger I can use at any time to remind you of blank euphoric pleasure

Randomized Jerk Off Instructions (Advanced)

Randomizable clips encouraging stimulation of a rigid cock under my dominating control

Randomized Jerk Off Instructions (Basic)

Randomizable clips encouraging stimulation of a rigid cock under my dominating control

Chaste Instruction Induction

A deep induction encouraging you to hold back from cumming, no matter what you listen to next

Good Boy 3

“Good Boy” resonates in your mind and makes it easier to obey, to cum, to devote yourself to me


Emotional connection, rapport, physical climax...respect yourself and adore me

Meditative Companion

My soft voice encourages you to build routines, build connection, build trust with me

Basic Braining Lesson One

An introduction to my voice and my expectations

Welcome 2

Our rapport, our shared joy, your submission, your triggered response

Underfoot Ecstasy

Listen, pleasure yourself, be trampled UNDER my feet, under my control

Aftercare 1

You need time to recover, feel closer and connected

Foot Temple HFO

Waves of pleasure push you to overstimulation and forced HFO at my hands…or rather, my feet

Juicy Thoughts Induction

Softening and draining your mind in preparation for deeper programming

Deep Down

DEEP trance for true fans of altered states of consciousness

Picture Meditation – Feet

Stare at my feet and worship, they fill and take over and blissfully re-write your mind

Complimentary Colours

On maintaining a balance between hypnotic control, everyday dominance, and loving romance with different partners

Malleable Mind Induction

A powerful induction about the fingerprints I've left all over your mind

Threads and Dreams

Trust me. Obey me. Let your memories fade away. Learn about the obedient pleasure of amnesia.

Frozen Break Time

Your absolute surrender to a lazy frozen helplessness and a chance for a meditative rest

Frozen Induction

Mind and body frozen, completely vulnerable to whatever I want for you

Frozen and Queened

Frozen in place, mounted, ridden, your worshiping tongue used to pleasure my pussy

The Hour At Hand – Foot Worship

Find a new appreciation for women’s feet as you worship and I train your controlled mind

Tune In

Tune in to my signal: golden light fills you, countdowns ring out, your mind is trapped in its own pleasure

The Hour At Hand – CBT

A long tormenting pleasuring squeezing pinching training session aimed at your shaft


I mount your face and you lick and worship my ass until mindless pleasure takes you over

Echoes From Below

A cock ring hand job torment session under my amused control

Induced Alignment

Allow countdowns and my soothing encouragement to take your mind into my rapturous embrace


You are so deep and blissfully mindlessly worshiping my breasts


Resting my feet on my mindless obedient servant, a piece of living furniture for me to use

Bound To Come (Clit)

Bound and controlled and teasingly brought to orgasm for my enjoyment


My will inside of you, growing – seeds of desire planted in your fertile fetish-laden mind

Ripples On The Surface

Your thoughts slowly eliminated by the intensity of being smacked and squeezed below

Bound to Come HFO (Penis)

Bound and controlled and teasingly brought to orgasm for my enjoyment


After I build you to climax, lapping up your own cum is such a good sign of your submission

Bound Brain

You are pinned down by my voice, as I begin to slowly tie you up, body and mind

Dark Room Denial

Dominated and titillated in the dark by your professor

Release From Tension HFO

Tension and heat builds in your aroused, taut, controlled form...

Release From Concern

Teasing instructions to stimulate your clitoris, drawing you toward orgasm for my enjoyment


You love my voice. My words fill you with a delicious golden light.


Confusion, amnesia, you lost and mindfucked in a twisting maze of my words


My legs over your shoulders, your lips on my heels, training you to sink and worship me

Scratches 3

My nails scratch my words and influence deep into you

Over the Knee Spanking

Have you been naughty? Lay across my lap

Good Boy 2

Good boy: those powerful words fill you with pleasure, building to a hands-free orgasm

Eyes Closed Induction

Pay attention. Close your eyes. Sink for me.

Sucking You Empty

Draining your pliable mind out of your cock with my mouth

Scratches 2

My nails down your skin drive you to the ragged edge of sensation

Held Down

You are pinned down by my words, blank and vulnerable and deeply horny

On My Way Out

A gentle non-hypnotic fantasy of waking up next to me

Sit and Listen

You never know when I will come up behind you and *snap*

Ridden Hard

I dominate your mind and ride your body


You need to learn discipline and restraint

Good Boy

You want to be a good boy for me, don’t you?