Scratches 1

My nails running down your back, sensitizing you to my touch and influence

Welcome 1

An introduction to my voice and my expectations

Salving Your Core

Reducing your fatigue at the end of the day, or after an intense or draining experience that has sapped your reserves of energy

Kneel and Obey

You know your place is at my feet, sinking and obeying

Aura 3 – Induction and Deepener

A powerful amnesia piece inducing deep rest and total open vulnerability to my words

Welcome 5

Step fully into my dominant grasp, and surrender utterly to my instruction

Scratches 5

You will cement the qualities of a good masochistic toy for a proper sadistic top

Scratches 4

My nails raking across your back, now deeper and with more tools of the sadist’s trade employed

Scratches – Deep End Induction

Each scratch will uncover you, make you ready, make you want more than just my nails

Aura 2: Light Along The Lines

Your body is a spool, I wind thread and thought and color and word around it

Good Boy 5

I weave matrices of control and desire into that little phrase you so long to hear...

Good Boy 4

Enmeshing your deep addiction to and desire for my trigger

Welcome 4 – Action

Surrender to my voice and find yourself springing to move, kneel, follow, at a snap of my fingers

Sucking You Empty 3

A blowjob evoking the cold outside and the warmth within as your thoughts spurting out brings you closer to me

Aftercare 2

Replenish your mental and physical energy to make you a healthier person and better submissive

Welcome 3 – Attendance

Conditioning you to better receive my words and sink more deeply into pleasured trance

Sucking You Empty 2

Red-painted lips capture your cock, suck out your mind, leave you reeling and breathless

Good Boy 3

“Good Boy” resonates in your mind and makes it easier to obey, to cum, to devote yourself to me

Welcome 2

Our rapport, our shared joy, your submission, your triggered response

Aftercare 1

You need time to recover, feel closer and connected


You love my voice. My words fill you with a delicious golden light.


My legs over your shoulders, your lips on my heels, training you to sink and worship me

Scratches 3

My nails scratch my words and influence deep into you

Sucking You Empty

Draining your pliable mind out of your cock with my mouth

Scratches 2

My nails down your skin drive you to the ragged edge of sensation

Held Down

You are pinned down by my words, blank and vulnerable and deeply horny

Sit and Listen

You never know when I will come up behind you and *snap*

Good Boy

You want to be a good boy for me, don’t you?